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Why do I need a vape Grinder?

You Only Need Two Hands To Use This Grinder


Get the fastest, and most consistent grind for your Cannabis with our innovative stainless steel cutting disk.


Always know how much you have in store with the clear viewing chamber. Store up to 5 grams at one time.


Easily and conveniently pour your ground flower into your desired consumption accessory, with just one hand. Say goodbye to sticky fingers.

Foco Mill - Grinder

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Here's What Our User Testers Are Saying

This is the most useful and best looking grinder on the market.


The Foco Mill Grinder is better than my old metal grinder and will always be used over it. It beats the heavy bulky one in every aspect. It's slim, lightweight and physically feels better and more natural to use. Unlike the classic metal grinders, you don't have to disassemble it to get your weed. Grind it up then pour it out without wasteful crystal fingers. I am someone who is often wondering "Do I have weed left or do I have any busted up already?" so I find myself always taking advantage of the clear window section to see how much I have. This grinder is very easy to clean and cleaning is needed much less frequently than my old metal one. I take off one end and use a small brush to dust off the surfaces for crystals and it's good to go. It only cakes up a little if I put too much herb that is overly sticky in to grind up.

- Alec