Design is very important to us. It’s a delicate balance of form and function. We believe that good design should improve your experience. There are many ways to do something, but if the experience isn’t there, then what is the point...”
Co-Founders Evan Halasz (left) & Matthew Fernandes (right)

Foco Mill wasn’t started with an AHA! moment or a single problem to solve. Cannabis is a new industry, and like anything new, it introduces lots of exiting products and offerings. Throughout all the excitement and change it can be easy to overlook the experiences. Which are what we focus on and what’s important to us.

Together we’ve designed furniture, games, app UX, websites, fixtures and more, but nothing is more exciting than the products we are introducing to this industry and more importantly to the community. Stay tuned! – Matt & Evan
Foco Mill - Stay focused.